100cm sex doll

Wow, I have been talking about the 100cm Sex Doll with my friend recently. I was really astonished by its features and what it offers. I must admit, I was quite apprehensive about a doll of that size but I’m happy to have given it a chance.

The first thing that struck me was the impressive design. The 100cm Sex Doll is very realistic and lifelike, with vinyl skin and fleshy curves. I was actually stunned because, for a moment, I thought it was a real woman! The best part was the doll’s arms and legs, sex dolls which had multi-joints that allowed for a more lifelike experience.

The second amazing thing about the 100cm Sex Doll is that the creators took into account all the little details that make it even more realistic. For example, the hands, feet, fingernails, and even toes are all designed to mimic the look of a real woman. The doll even has soft lips and realistic hair.

The third feature I liked was the doll’s size and weight. It’s a larger sex doll, but it’s not too heavy for its size. They used metal and firm material to give the doll its shape. Surprisingly, this makes it look even more realistic than before.

The fourth thing I enjoyed was the doll’s accessories. She comes with everything I need to get her ready for an intimate experience. This includes a vibrator, lube, tissues, and Penis Rings a lingerie set.

The fifth thing I liked was the doll’s personality. She has various personalities, depending on how you customize her. I already changed her facial expressions, hair, and even her voice!

Lastly, I was really satisfied with her internal workings. Her internal sensors and responsive controls were pleasing to the touch. It was like I was exploring a different world!

These are the reasons why I’m so excited about the 100cm Sex Doll. I’m sure you’ll love her too if you give her a chance. Who knows, she might just surprise you!Vintage Vibrators

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