are cracked dildos still safe

I was recently asked by a friend if cracked dildos are still safe to use. The question kind of freaked me out at first since I have never experienced such a thing before. After doing some research I learned that cracked dildos are definitely not safe; the risk of infection and irritation is hugely increased.

I remember my friend’s face when I told her the news. She was absolutely devastated that her broken dildo was not safe to use anymore and she just sighed deeply. I really wished I had better news to give her.

Still, I decided to tell her that she at least had options. She did not have to throw away her beloved dildo–she could still use it, but only after she covers it with a condom. That way, the dildo would be safe for use. She thanked me and told me she would definitely follow my advice and use protection.

But I was still concerned. I thought if the dildo was already cracked, the condom might not be able to completely cover it. So, I looked around for other options and stumbled upon something called “CyberSkin” which can hold and repair the broken dildo.

My friend seemed to find the idea of CyberSkin repair appealing and decided to try it out. Unfortunately, some time had already elapsed since her dildo had cracked, so the CyberSkin did not do the best job. The dildo was still a bit cracked after she repaired it and she was not happy about it.

Still, she told me that she was thankful that she had at least been able to repair it enough for her to still be able to use it. She was determined to replace her broken dildo with a new one as soon as possible.

So, I guess my point is that if you ever find yourself in a similar situation, then you do have options. You don’t have to throw your dildo away if it cracked. Cover it with a condom or repair it with CyberSkin instead!

In the end however, I believe the best plan of action is to just buy a new dildo as cracked dildos can be dangerous. The risk is just not worth it and can cause exacerbated issues down the line. That doesn’t mean you can’t repair it as an interim measure however!

It’s also important to mention that the safest option of all is to buy an unbroken and brand new dildo. Assuming it’s a quality dildo from a reliable source, it should be safe to use, even without covering it with a condom. And it definitely won’t come with any dangerous cracks or defects.

Moreover, if you always take proper care of your dildos by washing them regularly with mild soap and water, storing them properly, and sex dolls avoiding abrasives, scratching and chemicals, then you would almost never have to worry about cracks or defects, altogether.

So, if you want to make sure that you’re playing safe, then investing in a new dildo instead of relying on a broken one is the smartest way to go. And, when you find your perfect dildo, take good care of it and it will be ready to pleasure you for decades.

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