brother’s sex doll

My brother recently bought himself a sex doll. It came with a wig, a set of lingerie, and Penis Rings even a tube of lubricant. I was actually quite surprised. We had all heard of the phenomenon, but it was quite the sight to actually see one in real life.

The doll had a very lifelike face, with beautiful green eyes and perfectly sculpted lips. My brother’s face lit up when he saw it. To my amazement, he dressed it up in the lingerie, fixed its hair and even applied the lipstick with expertise.

My brother took out a bottle of lotion he had bought and started massaging the doll’s body. He said that it felt just like real skin – it really did. He ran his hands over the curves and spoke to it sweetly like a real partner. I had to admit that I was completely taken aback by how intimate he seemed to be with this doll.

Once he was done, he relaxed on the bed with the doll in his embrace and I snuck out the room. I was quite moved, actually, by the amount of care he put into this thing. It made me realise that we can show real love and affection to anything – even sex dolls.

The act of someone engaging with a sex doll goes way beyond just the sexual aspect. It is actually about creating an emotional connection, as if the doll is a real person. For my brother, it was mainly about experiencing a form of companionship. I guess he wanted something that was only there for him and him only.

I may not have agreed with my brother’s negative outlook on intimacy with real people or condoned his decision to use a sex doll, but I respected him for it. It made me realise that self love is an important and necessary for a person to be healthy emotionally and mentally. Everyone needs to feel accepted and wanted, and if a sex doll helps my brother to achieve that, then all the better. So, dildos I guess it’s all about understanding different perspectives and accepting that, for my brother, this doll was something he really needed.

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