can i bring sex toys to colombia

I was recently told that I had been invited to go to Colombia for a business trip. After all the planning and preparations, I realized that I was about to go to a rather conservative country and asked myself whether I could bring my sex toys from home. I was curious what the Colombian culture would think about it.

So, I went online and did some research to get some answers. What I found out actually surprised me. Apparently, Colombia is a very tolerant, open-minded society and sex toys are generally considered a normal part of people’s sex life. The laws there are quite liberal, and they’re not considered prohibited or immoral.

In fact, there are several stores in Colombia that sell sex toys. So, I was glad to know that I could actually take some of my own sex toys with me to Colombia. However, I was still a bit worried about what people would think of it.

After much deliberation, I decided to make the most of my trip and just take my sex toys with me. And I have to say, I definitely made the right decision. Once I arrived in Colombia, I felt much more comfortable and relaxed. Everyone accepted me and my sex toys without judgement or discrimination.

Colombians were so open-minded and accepting that I found even more reasons to love the country. Everywhere I went, I felt welcomed and supported. It really felt like home. Having my sex toys gave me a sense of security and freedom that I could not found anywhere else.

One thing I found out during my trip is that Colombians really appreciate good quality sex toys. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about—they use them too. In fact, some shops offer high-end sex toys at great prices. This makes it even easier for tourists to purchase sex toys if they choose to do so.

I found my experience in Colombia to be incredibly liberating. Being able to have my sex toys with me allowed me to fully enjoy the country and its people in a way I couldn’t have done without them. Taking them with me was definitely the right choice.

Another thing I discovered is that Colombian citizens are also very sexually liberated. They discuss sex openly and are very open-minded when it comes to their own sex lives. This completely changed my opinion of Colombia as a country and I no longer feel scared of what others would think of my sex toys.

In addition to that, vibrators I was surprised to learn that many Colombians actually follow a traditional form of sex education. They believe that sex is a positive and natural part of relationships. This is a refreshing new attitude which I think is very positive.

What’s more, many Colombians actually believe in the importance of safe sex. This means that sex toys and other forms of protection are encouraged. I was happy to learn that Colombia is so proactive when it comes to talking about, and practicing, dildos safe sex.

Finally, it was encouraging to discover that both men and women in Colombia feel comfortable talking about sex toys. I was so used to feeling embarrassed and ashamed to talk about sex that the freedom and openness that Colombia offers was really refreshing. Now I know that I have nothing to be ashamed of.

All in all, I think that taking sex toys to Colombia is totally worth it. I believe that the Colombian culture has a positive outlook on the subject, and if you’re thinking about taking your own sex toys with you then go ahead! I guarantee that your experience will be entirely different and much more enjoyable.

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