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paris sex doll brothel

My friend, you wouldn’t believe it, but Paris is now home to the world’s first sex doll brothel! It’s really quite something – I’m not quite sure how it happened, but the city is the first to break the mould with this latest venture. As someone who loves travelling, this has definitely peaked my curiosity. […]

My first experience with a penis pump not sealing was not a positive one.​ I was trying to increase the length and girth of my penis, but the pump wasn’t doing anything.​ I felt so embarrassed because I had bought it online thinking it would be the perfect solution.​

But the pump just wouldn’t do its job.​ No matter how hard I tried, it just wouldn’t create a seal.​ I was so frustrated – I wanted a bigger penis so badly and it just seemed like I was never going to get it.​ Finally, sex toys I decided to take the pump back to […]