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penis pump technique erectile dysfunction

I’m going to tell you a bit about penis pump technique as a way of treating erectile dysfunction.​ Honestly, I’ve never tried it myself, but I’m curious to know what it feels like.​ According to my doctor, it’s an effective solution for treating impotence.​ Basically, a penis pump is a device that fits over your […]

penis pump best for prostectomy

It’s always a difficult situation when you have to go through a prostectomy.​ It’s a scary, complex, and emotional process.​ Knowing how to handle the situation is very important and finding the right solution requires knowledge.​ One of the best solutions is the penis pump.​ I will never forget my own experience with a penis […]

It was not that long ago that I decided to try out mutual masturbation male and female literotica.​ I had read about it online and was curious to see if it was something that would be enjoyable for me.​ To be honest, I had no idea what to expect – I just knew that it sounded like a great way to spice up my sex life.​

When I finally got around to attempting it, I was nervous as heck! I could not help but to think about all the potential awkward moments that might come up.​ To put it simply, I was in over my head.​ At first, relaxing was a bit of a challenge.​ I did not know what to […]

I had heard stories of a time traveler penis pump, so when I saw one in my local store I just had to have it.​ Little did I know, this would be life-changing.​

I unboxed it and couldn’t help but marvel at the intricate technology.​ It fit like second skin and I swear I could already feel the benefits coursing through my veins.​ I had almost forgotten what a real rush felt like! The time traveler penis pump quickly lived up to its billing.​ After just a few […]