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I remember when I first heard about male masturbation demonstrated.​ I was in a sex education class at school and it provoked a lot of laughter from the students, but also a lot of curiosity.​ I didn’t understand why you would have to demonstrate male masturbation.​ What was the purpose of it? How could it be useful?

My teacher explained to us that there are different techniques when it comes to male masturbation, and it’s important to understand these to be able to enjoy the experience fully.​ So, as a part of the class, our teacher did a demonstration of some of the different techniques.​ I must admit, I was a bit […]

I was recently discussing sex moves with a friend and he said: “Have you heard about the penis in vagina sex slow pump cum technique?”.​ I must admit I had no idea what he was talking about.​ I guess I wasn’t the only one since he was more than willing to explain it to me.​

We were sitting in a park near my home, surrounded by blossoming trees and chirping birds, when he began his narrative about the Penis Rings in vagina sex slow pump cum technique.​ He began by describing it as a way to make sex more pleasurable for both partners and to extend the length of time […]

As I gaze upon the many options available for cuddly sex dolls, I can’t help but be filled with overwhelming excitement. I’ve been curious about sex dolls for some time, and I’m finally ready to experience a totally new and exciting realm of love-making. After much research and consideration, I can confidently say that these are the three best sex dolls for cuddling!

To start, the Real Like Doll disconnects the gap between user and object. It appears and feels incredibly life-like and is said to bring the closest thing to a real hug. The skin-like features on this sex doll are the softest I’ve ever felt, and its advanced touch-sensing technology truly adds a level of authenticity […]