did indians use corn for dildos

Well, it’s a bit of an odd topic, but I’ve been asked to write about whether Indians used corn for dildos. So here goes! I’ll be honest, even though I’ve done a bit of research on this, I’m still kind of at a loss as to how corn got involved in this.

The first thing I thought was that surely Indians couldn’t have used corn as a dildo? Not only would that be a particularly painful way to experience pleasure, Penis Rings but corn just isn’t the most practical dildo… or safe for that matter. After looking into it, however, it seems that in ancient India, use of corn cobs as dildos was actually quite popular.

I guess I was imagining Indians using corncobs as dildos like we use cucumbers for fun in the kitchen. But Indians had a much more inventive approach to this. They took corn cobs and dried them, then fried them in butter to soften the husks and make it easier to use. Then they carved them into the shape of a dildo and even used spices to make it all the more pleasurable.

At first, I was pretty shocked by this – why would anyone use such a dangerous and impractical method for pleasure? I guess when you don’t have the luxury of modern materials like silicone, you have to get creative! Although it certainly doesn’t sound like the most comfortable or safe experience, it does show a certain ingenuity.

The stories of Indians using corn cobs as dildos have been around for centuries, although today we’d never recommend anyone try it – there’s just too much potential for irritating or even injuring yourself. Indians weren’t shy when it came to experimenting with sex tools, though, and I guess that’s something I can admire!

I was also interested to learn that in some Native American tribes, corn cobs were used as a symbolic representation of the male and female sex organs. This probably came from the notion that corn was a symbol of fertility, as many ancient cultures believed. I suppose it makes sense then, that corn was used as a representation of the sexual experience.

It is amazing how all this information can be actually traced back centuries, and still remain relevant today. It’s really fascinating to gain an insight into the ancient Indian culture and sex practices. I suppose this demonstrates that sex tools can be found in almost any form, shape or material. You just have to be creative.

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