do alpha males masturbate

Do Alpha Males Masturbate?

I don’t think I can give a definite answer to this question, but I do have an opinion on it.​ I’m sure we’ve all heard the phrase ‘alpha male’, associating them to some kind of macho, slightly chauvinistic, rugged character.​ And yet, it should never be forgotten that no matter how tough and manly something might look, there is always always room for vulnerability.​

So, vibrators if alpha males are, in essence, human beings too, then why wouldn’t they indulge in the occasional self-pleasure session? Of course, it’s possible they would never view it this way; instead, seeing it as a necessary way to “release some steam”.​ But regardless of the perception, it’s still only natural.​

The interesting thing is, do alpha males ever feel any shame when it comes to engaging in self-gratification? This is where I taste a bit of irony; after all, the most macho of dudes might not care about what anyone else thinks.​ However, within some alpha circles, it is still seen as a sign of vulnerability.​ A no-no that absolutely cannot be done.​

I strongly believe that alpha males are just like everyone else when it comes to this behavior – they may feel guilty, sex dolls but no one would ever be able to prove it.​ In a way, it would be like trying to suppress something that’s buried deep within; a kind of restraint that keeps them from crossing a certain line.​

Having said all of that, I think alpha males are ultimately 100% capable of indulging in masturbation; in fact, they likely do it more because of their tendency towards higher levels of testosterone.​ Perhaps they even use it as a way to cope with their issues (or avoid them).​

Ultimately, no one can definitively answer whether or not alpha males masturbate.​ Their behavior and behavior is unique, making them sometimes difficult to read.​ They may not be as ‘alpha’ when it comes to the bedroom, but they still always have the inner strength and the power that makes alpha males what they are.​

That being said, I believe it really isn’t so much about what society says, or even what an alpha male would say himself.​ What would really matter is how he feels – because it is what makes him an alpha male in the first place.​ Only he can truly answer this question.​

So then, what about the notion of ‘alpha pride’? If it felt like a violation of that for an alpha male to masturbate, would he still do it? I think the answer is probably yes – because alpha males tend to be hyper-driven and often need to release their built-up energy in one way or another.​

Making sure to take good care of themselves is part of being an alpha male, and that doesn’t always require them to act like a macho man every second of the day.​ There’s a lot to be said for being able to relax and acknowledge the needs of the body in order to keep achieving peak performance.​

In the end, everyone is different.​ Some alpha males might indulge in self-pleasure weekly, bi-weekly or even daily;while some may never do it – but that doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with their alpha status.​ Only they can decide what works best for them and how they want to live their lives.​

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