I was shocked when I heard does target carry sex toys. I mean, the idea of a big box department store stocking such an item was almost too much for me to comprehend. It seemed so out of place among the racks of clothes, cleaning supplies, and school supplies. But it’s true; Target does carry sex toys.

I stumbled across the section on their website and couldn’t believe my eyes. They have a wide selection of different items, from bullet vibrators to prostate massagers. All of this was carefully organized by brand and even had detailed descriptions of each item’s features and vibrators use.

It made me wonder if Target was really trying to corner a niche market here. After all, sex toys are not something found in many stores. Having a large selection like this could really help them stand out in the retail world. I’m sure they’re banking on the fact that some customers who may have been hesitant to ask about sex toys in a physical store might be more comfortable shopping for them online.

My curiosity piqued, I decided to do some more research to find out if this is a trend that’s likely to catch on. It turns out that target is not alone in this endeavour; there are quite a few online retailers that sell sex toys. From Amazon to Lovehoney, it seems that more and more stores are jumping on the bandwagon.

What struck me was just how much attention these products have been getting in the mainstream media lately. There’s been a lot of positive discussion about sex toys, and it looks like they’re finally becoming accepted as a part of mainstream society. It’s great to see that attitudes are changing, and people are becoming more comfortable talking about something that was once considered taboo.

What do you think about Target jumping on this bandwagon? Is this something you would feel comfortable buying from them? Personally, I think it’s great that they are taking this step towards being open-minded and we could use more stores like this!

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