female picked best male masturbation videos

Oh man, the other day I was looking for vibrators the best male masturbation videos and found some gems! I’m no slouch, I’ve seen quite a few, dildos but my lady picked out some of the best.​ You know what I’m talking about, those videos that make you just go “wow”.​

I think she had a secret algorithm or something, because some of the videos she chose just blew my mind.​ I’m no prude, and this may be tasteless to say, but I’m talking some serious next-level stuff here.​

The actresses were gorgeous, the cinematography was amazing, and the music.​.​.​ Well, let me just say that the music was truly epic.​ It was one of those moments where you just have to take a step back and gape.​

And when I thought it couldn’t get any better, the subtle stories in a few of the videos just knocked me off my feet.​ You know, like the guy who catches his roommate trying to rub one out, or the girl’s surprise visit while her partner is obviously in the middle of something.​ I was actually speechless, if you can believe that!

But what truly made it special was the level of realism in some of those videos.​ From the faintest sounds of pleasure from the actors to the incredibly detailed scenery — it was really something to behold.​ I guess it was the variety too — it’s not often that male masturbation videos cover so many different angles and experiences in one place.​

There were even some special effects going on — from tiny twerking butt plugs to the silky smooth products used in some of the scenes.​ Seeing some of the techniques I hadn’t heard of before (yeah, I’m a bit of a novice, no shame) was pretty damn inspiring.​

And don’t even get me started on the diversity! There were all kinds of guys — short, tall, big, small, young, middle-aged, even some seniors.​ Seeing that was really something else.​ I mean, why limit ourselves to “perfect” people, right?

The last video was a real highlight — it featured two guys who were clearly in love just lovingly pleasing each other in a completely different way.​ The combination of art, music and love was just beautiful.​ No words.​

Oh, and can I mention that some of the videos had a really cool easter egg in the form of an unlisted scene just for those who watched it all the way to the end? Talk about a reward! That was a nice touch.​

I thought I’d seen everything when it comes to male masturbation videos, but this time I was definitely wrong.​ Props to my lady for finding the most amazing ones out there.​ Seriously, if you need some inspiration, this is definitely the way to go!

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