guy fucks sex doll and cums

Standing in my room with my hands in my pockets, I couldn’t quite believe it. The guy that I knew, the same one that talked about wanting a relationship, was now here, in my house, f***ing a sex doll! Up until that moment I had thought he was better than that. I’m ashamed to even admit, but as I watched him whilst he was pushing and thrusting, Penis Rings I knew he was full of lust and raw desire.

It made my skin crawl to witness the scene before me. I shook my head in disbelief and digested what I had seen. I mean, why would you want to buy a sex toys doll? They’re not even close to a real human, let alone pleasing and intimate moment. Plus, the feeling of just being in the same room with this artificial object was almost dehumanizing.

The way the guy treated the sex doll was just wrong. He spoke to it like it was an object, something he owned. It was always “you have to do this” or “I want you to do that”. It made me feel like I was watching a porn movie or something.

Still, I had to admit something to myself. You get what you pay for. And since he did pay a decent amount for this doll, it looked pretty realistic. It gave the impression that it was actually alive, with lifelike skin and realistic features.

But then, it occurred to me what the guy had actually expected to happen when he purchased the doll. He had paid for it, and expected to get some kind of satisfaction from it, like that was the doll’s purpose. But when the guy actually got his satisfaction and cummed, he quickly tossed the doll aside, as if it had no further purpose.

The more I thought about it, the more angry and disappointed I felt about the whole situation. It was a sheer violation of a female’s boundaries, and degrading to a woman’s body. The guy thought he could have it all, pleasure and freedom. But in the end, the only thing he got out of it was a few minutes of pleasure and then tossed the doll to the side.

It made me think, is this how guys think when it comes to women? That they can just buy them, use them and then toss them away?


The thing is, guys go through a lot to find the right girl, to say the right things to make her like them, to make her fall in love with them. I know, because I have been in those shoes. But the guy that I saw in my room was different. He was more interested in using and taking pleasure from the moment, instead of building a real connection.

It made me think, how many guys feel entitled to treat a woman that way? How many men think that if they come across someone who is willing to go along, it’s OK to just treat them as an object of pleasure or a means to an end.

It’s these kinds of attitudes that will lead to men being in relationships with a girl just because they are getting something out of it. They won’t care if the girl is happy, or even worse, if she’s being hurt. They just want their own satisfaction.

I believe real relationships are built on real connections. They require trust, honesty, respect and understanding on both sides. When these elements are removed from the equation, there is no chance that a relationship can sustain in the long run.

The guy I saw in my bedroom made me wonder, how can you expect to have a lasting and fulfilling relationship when it is based purely on use and expectations? Is it really possible to have a meaningful connection that has been reduced to a few temporary satisfaction and cuming?

Maybe that’s why there are so many men that jump from one girl to another. They don’t want something real, they want something they can control. But in the end, that kind of attitude will only lead to disappointment and heartbreak.

The next time I witness a scene like that, I’m going to try and remind myself that relationships are not about use and expectations. They are about two people opening up and making real connections, building trust and understanding. They are about two people that are willing to share and care for each other, no matter how hard it gets. That’s the kind of relationship that will last.

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