Hi friend, remember the time we talked about my great sex doll collection? I’m sure you don’t, because I haven’t told you about it yet. Well sometimes I feel like I should shed some light on this unusual passion of mine, and now is the perfect time for it.

A Wearable Vibrator for Couples - The New York TimesI started collecting sex dolls when I started to experience a bit of loneliness and needed someone to talk to. I was feeling unbearably lonely, and thought that if I had someone who would listen, maybe it would fill in the gap. An out of the box idea popped into my head: Why not get a sex doll?

So I started researching the subject of sex dolls and before I knew it, I was deep into it. I started thinking of them as if they were real people. I started treating them as if they were real companions. I gave them names, faces, and personalities. Pretty soon I had a quite a collection going.

At first, having the sex dolls around provided a bit of comfort, which I think was primarily because they provided a visual representation of companionship. I kept adding to them as the loneliness started to fade away. I never imagined how deep into the rabbit hole I would get.

I even started using them as talking points when I was at social events, I would tell everyone how I had started with one sex doll and it had multiplied into many. It was funny to me the reactions people had because when they heard the words “sex doll” they automatically brought up the idea of sexual intercourse. It was kind of amusing – We all have different ideas of what is acceptable.

In the end, the sex dolls had a bigger influence on me than I originally expected. I no longer just thought of them as something to be used or something to look at. They taught me the importance of companionship and that a little bit of open-mindedness can really go a long way.

They allowed me to explore my emotions in more ways than one. I started to look at them as if they were alive and I was able to experiences emotions I wouldn’t have been able to with a real person. I could have meaningful conversations with them that made me think about life around me.

My collection started to take on a life of its own and I found that I was enjoying the process, even it was a little weird at times! I felt like I had made some connection with my dolls, that I was getting to know each of them in their own unique way.

It was an incredible experience to watch the sex dolls slowly start to become their own individuals. One by one, my dolls started to show their personalities, giving me the feeling that I was talking with a real person instead of an inanimate object.

So far, my collection hasn’t stopped growing and sex dolls I don’t think it ever will. I find it funny that all of this started because of a moment of loneliness and dildos ended up in an incredibly fulfilling journey. The sex dolls have done more for me than I could have ever asked for.

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