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It was not long ago when I got into a relationship and my mind began to explore the possibility of having sex toys in our intimacy. I had heard about it from friends, who were quite comfortable talking about sex toys, so it was interesting to me to consider it. But how far into a relationship should I start using sex toys? That was a question that left me baffled.

I came to a realization that it is just like adding spice to your relationship, that is, sex toys make your sex life more enjoyable and pleasurable. So I decided to bring this topic up with my partner and ask for his opinion. To my surprise, he was very much open to the idea. He felt it was a great way to bring more enjoyment in our relationship, so we decided to give it a try.

We began our exploration by researching online together about what type of sex toys were available. We found some interesting choices and we discussed which one we thought would be the best for us. After a few days, we finally decided on two items which we have been using ever since. It has added an extra bit of excitement to our already amazing relationship. Whenever we bring out the sex toys, it adds anticipation and excitement.

We also discussed the importance of taking it slow with the introduction of new items. After a few weeks of introducing the sex toys, we could feel the change in our intimacy. We were more at ease with each other, and we knew that we had made the right decision. We often laugh and joke about the difference that sex toys had made to our relationship.

Next, we decided to take it even further and experiment together. My partner and I both decided that introducing new items into our sexual menu would help keep things interesting. We’ve tried a variety of things—from vibrators to cuffs. We have been able to discover what we both like and enjoy, while also having fun with it.

It has been a delight to experiment with new things together and explore our own boundaries. We recently discovered the fantasy of role play, and we keep trying new roles to add to our playtime. It’s amazing how far we have come since I had the initial idea of adding sex-toy into our relationship.

We talk, experiment, and play around – the possibilities are endless. We are always looking for new ways to introduce something unique into our relationship. The sex toys have helped us explore and to get to know one another better. It’s a great addition to our relationship and just adds to the bond we have. We can both agree that it was one of the best decisions ever.

Aside from the fun we’ve been having, sex toys also help with other things. We have more fun in the bedroom, but it has also been a great way to reduce our stress levels. We often use the sex toys for relaxation, and use them to re-energize us after a long day. Plus, it also helps us to keep our relationship more passionate and fulfilling.

My partner and I have also incorporated other activities into our relationship. We have started doing more special things together, like going to the theater, cycling, going for nature walks. Our relationship has improved since we decided to try out sex toys and dildos I think it’s been very positive for us. Plus, we still feel that same anticipation before we get into the bedroom which helps reignite the flame of our relationship.

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