how to make penis pump stop

This or That: C-RingsMy friend, I have some frustrating news… I’m dealing with a penis pump that just won’t stop! After multiple attempts to get it to stop, I’m at the point of desperation.​ Here’s my story about how to make a penis pump stop.​

First off, I’ve always been 85 percent sure that I’ve been turning the knob the right way.​ I mean, all the pieces and parts were in place, so what was the issue? It was just stayin’ on, despite all of my desperate attempts to put it in the off position.​ I gave it a few more twists in the right direction – clockwise, of course – but nothing! It just kept going.​

That’s when I decided to start inspecting the tube.​ I noticed the hose was a bit tangled up, plus some of the crevices had a little debris in them.​ I pulled out a rag and got to work cleaning out the tube.​ I thought for sure this was the answer, but after I finished it all up, the pump was still pointing in the ‘on’ direction!

Next, I ran a check on the fixtures of the pump, just to make sure I hadn’t overlooked anything.​ Nope.​ Everything seemed to be in place.​ I re-tried the knobs, but nothing.​ I banged on it twice, thinking that would do the job, but nothing.​ Ugh!

Finally, I decided to do a little research on penis pump troubleshooting tips.​ After scouring through a few online resources, I found the solution: sex dolls disconnect the hose.​ And that’s exactly what I did – I pulled the hose from the base and turned off the knob.​ And there it was – the sweet relief of the pump finally turning off!

From that moment on, I was done with penis pumps, at least for a while! That’s my story about how to make a Penis Rings pump stop.​ It was frustrating, but hopefully, this helps someone else facing the same frustrating issue.​

Right, now that I had dealt with that issue, it was time to focus on figuring out why the pump wouldn’t turn off in the first place.​

After a bit of investigation, I discovered that the reason for the pump not turning off was because it was actually faulty.​ Meaning, the power source was very diffused, and whatever it was coming from was economic, and unreliable.​

So, I decided to replace the power source with something more reliable.​ Rather than buying a new pump, I looked at better options for power sources and found a pressure switch.​ It was an easy trip to the local store and I was able to buy a pressure switch for a reasonable price.​

I got it installed the same day and the pump has been working great ever since.​ It’s the same pump, but the power source change made all the difference.​ I guess that sometimes all it takes is a simple switch to give everything a second start.​

The issue wasn’t hard to solve, but I was glad I did my homework and knew how to fix the issue.​ I learned that sometimes power sources aren’t always up to date and, if they get diffused, they may not be able to last for long.​

In any case, that’s how I made my penis pump stop.​ I was glad I could figure it out on my own, rather than having to call in a pro for help.​ Who knows how long it could have taken otherwise.​

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