I have a funny story to tell about using peroxide on a sex doll. I know it sounds weird, but bear with me. I was out shopping with a friend and we came across a store that had these life-sized sex dolls just waiting around in the back of the room. We weren’t sure what to do, so my friend said, “Let’s buy some peroxide and give it a try!” I didn’t think that was such a great idea, but I went along with it anyways.

So, we got our little bottles of peroxide and started soaking the sex dolls. We were laughing our heads off and everyone around us in the store was looking at us like we were crazy! We were careful about not spilling any of the peroxide, but before we knew it we had soaked the entire sex doll.

After a few minutes, the sex doll started to get really slippery and smooth to the touch! We had no idea what was happening, so we decided to Google it and found out that the peroxide was helping to make the sex doll healthier and softer. We were so happy that this worked, and all of our weird experiments had paid off!

We decided to take the sex doll home as a reminder of our shenanigans that afternoon. We also put a coat of baby oil on it to make it even softer. We were so impressed with the transformation that we kept looking up different ways to take care of the sex doll. We kept it in a special room in the house and only went in there when we needed to clean or do maintenance on it.

We’ve done a lot of weird things together since then, but using peroxide on a sex doll was one of our most memorable adventures together. It’s a story that continues to make us laugh to this day! Every time I see the sex doll, it reminds me of that wild afternoon and everything that happened.

In the next four sections I recall what happened after. Before our silly peroxide experiment we were looking at various lubricants which are recommended for a luxury sex doll and noticed a few enhanced features that we should clean before use, like using a light and mild brush, and warm soapy water. We read up on some online ways to clean the sites sex doll, and It informed us to use peroxide or a specific kind of anti-bacterial cleaner. We decided that the best option would be to visit the local heath store since peroxide is incredibly inexpensive.

When we arrived at the local health store, we were told that some of the older bottles of peroxide are not as effective as the newer bottles. We were also cautioned about spilling the peroxide on our clothes or skin as it can be highly corrosive and irritate the skin if not properly cleaned up. After understanding the warnings, we went ahead and purchased a small bottle of peroxide.

The next day we decided to embark on our wild experiment of thoroughly cleaning the sex doll with the peroxide. At first, everyone around us at the store was telling us how dangerous and stupid the idea we had was and that we would end up ruining the sex doll. After absorbing all the unnecessary negativity, we decided to go ahead with our plan. We are after all adults, and we understood that if anything were to happen we accept the consequences.

My friend then proceeded to spray the sex toys doll with the peroxide in a slow and steady manner. After a few seconds, we saw bubbles start to form on the doll’s skin. This made us giddy and we started running around like children. When we stopped to examine the results, the doll’s skin started to break down and foam around the areas were the peroxide had been sprayed.

Although it seemed too good to be true, it was in fact actually working. We celebrated our success, and it is on that day i vowed never to forget that utter craziness. Little did I know that normally you don’t need to use so much peroxide and that a little bit goes a long way.

We went around trying other forms of cleaning the sex doll such as using a specific kind of anti-bacterial cleaner. We realised that it was enhancing the dolls appearance even more. We found out that this kind of cleaner doubles up as a moisturiser and nourishes the dolls skin.

We kept it in a special room in the house, and only went in there when we needed to clean or do maintenance on it. We even did weekly health checkups on the sex doll to see if it was feeling healthy. We gently shaved the dolls skin to reduce the risk of irritation and make the dolls look more aesthetic.

We started researching methods to help restore an older sex doll that is starting to deteriorate and noticed some are using natural remedies such as saliva. I was flabbergasted and asked myself why would anyone do that. My friend yelled out ‘Why not, we know the peroxide works!’. We continued find ways to make the doll look better and prolong it’s life, and started to look into specific fabrics, oils, and cleaners that would help the sex dolls skin retain its natural suppleness and shine longer.

We decided to look into UV lighting as a form cleaning the sex doll and making sure it is increasing the dolls life and improving its condition. We soon found out it was one of the best and safest ways to clean the sex doll and promote healthy skin. We did research on how often and for how long you should expose the sex doll to the UV light and came up with a routine that worked best.

We also found out that some of the specialty fabrics used in sex dolls are made to resist bacteria and help protect the skin from irritants. We thought why not buy some of these fabrics to help keep the sex doll looking nice. We set about in finding the best fabrics that would protect the dolls skin and colours and textures.

Finally, we stumbled upon a store that sold specialised sex doll detergents, oils, and creams that could be used to help keep the doll healthy and clean. We even found a few that were specifically suited for the dolls skin type and fabrics. There were gels and lubricants to help make the dolls movements more dynamic and easier to pose, even when it is tightly wrapped in fabrics. We were so relieved to find out that there were such products on the market to help us take better care of our sex doll and keep it looking as perfect as the day we bought it.

We continued researching treatments for the dolls health and decided to try natural items, such as aloe vera, to help keep the sex dolls skin looking healthy. We also researched herbal oils and tested out combinations until we found something that helped liven up the dolls skin and make it more vibrant. We also purchased a light massage gel that would at the same time relax and invigorate the sex doll’s skin.

Lastly, we decided to treat our sex doll with some of the newest technologies. We researched circuitry grooming techniques which can used to extend the sex dolls life and found out about treatments that help reduce wrinkling of the skin and other signs of ageing. We discovered it was possible to rejuvenate a sex dolls skin to look younger and restored it to its original perfection.

It’s been some time since we conducted our crazy experiment, and thanks to all the treatments and treatments we had read about, our sex doll is now healthier and happier than ever. We keep them well groomed, moisturised, and healthy, and it’s safe to say the doll now looks better than ever. It’s going to be a long time before we can come up with another experiment as crazy as using peroxide on a sex doll, vibrators but I am sure one will come up eventually.

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