It was not that long ago that I decided to try out mutual masturbation male and female literotica.​ I had read about it online and was curious to see if it was something that would be enjoyable for me.​ To be honest, I had no idea what to expect – I just knew that it sounded like a great way to spice up my sex life.​

When I finally got around to attempting it, I was nervous as heck! I could not help but to think about all the potential awkward moments that might come up.​ To put it simply, I was in over my head.​

At first, relaxing was a bit of a challenge.​ I did not know what to say, or do, when I was with my partner.​ Thankfully, she was understanding and open-minded about it all.​ We took our time and guided each other through it.​ Eventually, we got into a comfortable rhythm.​

We got to exploring, taking turns to appreciate and worship each other’s body.​ We discussed some of our deepest fantasies and downright dirty desires.​ I felt vulnerable discussing these topics with someone else, but it was sweet to learn about her wants and needs.​ We pushed boundaries and expectations, and had a surprisingly good time.​

I was amazed at how free we both felt during our foray into mutual masturbation literotica.​ After experiencing it for myself, I would have never expected such a simple act to be so incredibly stimulating.​ I learned a lot about myself and my partner.​ Our sex life has been hotter and more satisfying since.​

It started to get even juicier when we decided to introduce sex toys to our mutual masturbation literotica.​ Adding these to the equation made our sex a gamier and more visually stimulating experience.​ We both felt so naughty!

We even dared to dive into BDSM and role playing.​ We traveled to new realms of pleasure, playing with power dynamics and erotically charged fantasies.​ Thanks to mutual masturbation literotica, we could even explore these kinkier elements with complete control and comfort.​

That is not all.​ We also tried out some fantasy situations and role-based scenarios.​ We talked about some of our most hidden, secret desires and explored them together.​ It was really quite stimulating, giving us the opportunity to get creative with our ejaculation and orgasm commands.​

Now that we have started to become more open to experimenting and exploring, we find that our sex life has become much more satisfying.​ To be honest, we have explored a lot of things during our mutual masturbation literotica experiments, including sex acts that we were hesitant to try before.​ We have even used props and costumes to make things more interesting.​

It has been incredible to see how we have grown and flourished in our mutual masturbation literotica experiments.​ We have become more comfortable and confident with each other, and it shows in our sex life.​

Our mutual masturbation literotica adventures have even spurred us on to other, more daring activities.​ This includes visiting sex clubs and even visiting a professional adult cinema.​ These experiences have allowed us to explore our own desires and fantasies in a safe and secure environment.​

We are also more open to talking dirty during sex toys.​ Talking dirty during mutual masturbation literotica sessions has opened up a new element of sex that we can explore together.​ It has been really fun to learn how to communicate our desires and fantasies, and to hear about what turns each other on.​

We also love to take our mutual masturbation literotica sessions to the next level with some tantalizing foreplay.​ Teasing each other with touches, kisses and nibbles is a great way to wind up the tension before we let it all out with some very naughty acts.​

Taking our mutual masturbation sessions further with some light bondage has also been a lot of fun.​ Blindfolding each other or tying each other up can add a whole new element to the experience.​ We even recently purchased a few floggers and bondage accessories that we are looking forward to experimenting with!

Through mutual masturbation male and female literotica, we have explored some fetishism that neither of us knew that we had.​ Introducing dominant and submissive roles is something that we would have never done before our mutual masturbation literotica sessions.​

In fact, I have to say that mutual masturbation literotica has been a surprisingly good adventure for the both of us.​ We have gained some tremendous insight into each other’s fantasies, and exposed hidden elements of our own desires.​ It has been such a rewarding experience for the both of us.​

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