It was the summer of 2005 when I first heard about ‘inanimate doll sex’. Being barely 18 and naive, I couldn’t even begin to fathom what that meant or why anyone in their right mind would ever be interested in such a thing! Still, curiosity got the better of me and I decided to research it further.

What I learned was that inanimate doll sex is a fetish for some people, which basically encompasses anything from using an inanimate object, to wearing specific pieces of clothing that simulate said object’s size or shape. It’s as if someone is having a sexual encounter with a non-living thing—similar, to say, role-play. Some of the items used range from life-size dolls, to just simply action figures.

At first, I was blown away. “How could someone find this enjoyable?” I thought. I couldn’t even bring myself to think about it in any role-playing sense. It was so ‘out of the norm’ and a bit creepy to me. After learning a lot more, however, I started to look at it from a different perspective.

The inanimate doll sex fetish isn’t just some weird, silly fantasy of some people. Rather, it’s a way of satisfying their needs in a safe, healthy environment. Many people who engage in inanimate doll sex are survivors of sexual trauma, or they have specific limitations that hinder them from connecting with a living partner in a deep enough way. This fetish allows them to safely explore their desires and fantasies without any fear.

Plus, those who engage in inanimate sex have also included one another in forming consent contracts and using a bunch of precautionary measures ––such as engaging in the fetish with someone they trust, and using safety procedures to prevent potential physical dangers. This was something that really surprised me, and it began to make me think that maybe people who engage in this fetish may not be as ‘weird’ or ‘perverted’ as I initially thought.

At the end of the day, it comes down to respecting another person’s opinions, and understanding that even though inanimate sex isn’t something I personally understand or can do, it doesn’t mean it’s wrong or ‘bad’. Everyone is different and finds pleasure in different ways, so if this is what someone wants or needs to do, then it’s really no one’s business to judge.

Moving past my own judgments and understanding that inanimate doll sex isn’t necessarily “weird,” I started to learn even more about the fetish. I discovered that it has been a part of culture for a really long time—which was baffling to me. Apparently, vibrators some people would find sexual pleasure in even theos and idols! It was mind-blowing to me that such an unlikely fetish could have been around for so long.

More recently, with the advent of technology, the inanimate doll sex fetish has taken more of a form of escapism for those who don’t have the ability to find the kind of sexual connection they are looking for in real life. With 3D printing, artificial intelligence, and robotics, the doll fetish has allowed people to bring out their wildest fantasies and find pleasure through automation.

Making use of virtual reality, Penis Rings people have been able to design and engineer their own inanimate doll partners—allowing them to live out their ultimate fantasy, no matter how out of the ordinary or kinky it may be. And for those who really embody the inanimate doll sex fetishes—there are even entire communities, events and conventions dedicated to the fetish, where people can express themselves, get support, and find others who enjoy the same fetish.

So despite my initial shock and judgment, I can now understand how the inanimate doll sex fetish could actually be a very beneficial thing. I’m no longer as disgusted or creeped out by it, and I’ve come to accept that different people do have different preferences and desires. Plus, I recognize now that there are a lot of positive elements to it too. It’s comforting to know that people can get out of their comfort zones—no matter how obscure or taboo it is—and live a life that fulfills their ultimate fantasies.A Wearable Vibrator for Couples - The New York Times

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