It’s been said that nothing should surprise us anymore in our modern day and age. But recently, I encountered a subject that still managed to shock me: orc sex dolls. Yes, you heard me, orc sex dolls. These ‘odd orcs’ (as many people call them) have been rising in popularity the past few years and I’m here to give you my two cents on it.

To be honest, I felt conflicted and slightly intrigued when I first stumbled upon this trend. On one hand, I felt a little disgusted – what kind of person would be into an inanimate object made to simulate a fictional humanoid creature? But on the other hand, I was filled with curiosity and couldn’t help but wonder what these things were about. So, one day, I finally gave in and decided it was about time that I learned more about orc sex dolls.

My only other experience with orcs had consisted of their portrayals in some of my favorite fantasy novels and movies. Now, here I was, facing the idea of a 3D, physical object made in their image, which was meant to be used and manipulated for sexual purposes. Whoa. To me, it was like taking a kid to a carnival for the first time. I was confused but nevertheless fairly enthusiastic about it.

I did some research on these types of dolls. It turns out that some companies specialize in creating orcs that have ridiculous levels of realism. Kirk Dala, in particular, has become a well-known name in this industry. Their dolls come with all sorts of unique features: adjustable eye color, different hair colors, dildos soft skin texture, and height and weight that can all be adjusted to fit the customer’s fantasy.

As I kept reading about the different orc sex dolls available, I started shifting from curiosity to confusion. I mean, why would anyone want an orc sex doll? Isn’t it just weird and creepy? I started asking people in my circle about this, and some of them had firsthand dildos experiences of purchasing the dolls, which made me even more bewildered.

Most people bought them for sexual fantasies. Some people liked the accessories and fetish clothing that came along with the doll. Some were into the idea of treating it like a pet or something that needed to be taken care of. Some liked the look of the doll and wanted it solely for aesthetics. Surprisingly, there were even some who bought it just as an art collectible or a conversation piece.

I have to admit, while trying to comprehend all this, my opinion on orc sex dolls was still a bit undecided. And then, two voices from inside me started conversing. On the one hand, I felt that these dolls were strange and had no business existing. But on the other hand, I also felt that it’s just another item or product in the world – something that people can buy and possess if they are so inclined. And it’s also their prerogative to pursue their own fantasies, no matter how strange they may seem.

In a way, I guess orc sex dolls will remain one of those strange things in the world that I will never fully grasp. But hey, that’s life, right? It’s full of surprises, and surprisingly, you get ones like these too.

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