lion male masturbator cup

People often talk about sex toys but seldom do they bring up the topic of male masturbator cups.​ In this blog, I’m going to share my experience with a cup shaped male masturbator called a Lion Cup.​

When I first came across a Lion Cup, I was fascinated.​ As the name suggests, the shape of the cup is inspired by the big cats.​ The exterior is also decorated with the lion’s print.​ I immediately felt a connection to it and was eager to learn more about it.​

The cup is made out of a soft and safe material, which adds to the pleasure of the experience.​ It features a patterned interior, which provides a sensation unmatched to any other sex toy.​ Plus, the intense suction from the cup itself is something I never experienced before.​

Using a Lion Cup was quite enjoyable.​ To have a different kind of stimulation that could make me feel aroused like never before was quite remarkable.​ I found myself feeling increasingly aroused with each stroke and the sensation was mesmerising.​

What I like the best about using a Lion Cup, however, was the novelty of it all.​ From the design to the sensation, it felt like something completely new and exciting.​ Plus, it’s a great addition to any toy box!

As a bonus, the Lion Cup is also really easy to store.​ It’s compact and lightweight, and the removable-cap makes it easy to clean and maintain.​ After use, cleaning only takes a few minutes and it’s ready for the next time!

To sum it up, I’d have to say that the Lion Cup definitely exceeded my expectations.​ The novelty and the stimulation it provided really added to the experience.​ If you’re looking for something new and exciting, then I’d recommend considering a Lion Cup.​

In the next section, I’d like to talk you through a step-by-step guide of how to use a Lion Cup.​ Firstly, make sure that you are in a comfortable position.​ You can either sit or lay down and take your pick of the cup size that best fits you.​ Once you have that sorted, you can begin your session.​

The Lion Cup is equipped with a leak-proof seal and a vacuum pressure button which you can use to control the amount of suction you want to apply on your manual strokes.​ Depending on your preference, you can use lube or not as you insert your penis and the cup.​

The cup also features patterned ridges which are designed to stimulate the sensitive areas inside your penis and add another dimension of pleasure to your session.​ Simply stroke your penis up and down, stimulating these ridges from time to time, and increase your intensity according to your liking.​

There is also an air hole at the bottom of the cup, which helps you maintain control during your session.​ You can use your fingers to pinch the air hole as a way of intensifying the suction.​

I highly recommend enjoying your session until the moment of climax.​ This is where the Lion Cup really shines as it can intensify your orgasm and even prolong it.​ So, take your time and enjoy it!

Now that you know how to use it, let’s move on to another important factor: cleaning it.​ Cleaning the Lion Cup is very straightforward due to the removable-cap feature.​ After use, simply remove the cap and rinse the cup well with warm water.​

And that’s it! As you can see, it’s very easy to care for your Lion Cup and keep it in good condition for your next session.​

In the next section, I would like to talk about how to spice up your experience with a Lion Cup.​ The great thing about this sex toys toy is that it can be enjoyed with a partner as well.​ This means that you can combine the pleasure of the toy with someone else, which is definitely something that can enhance your pleasure.​

Another great way to spice up your experience with the Lion Cup is to use it some light bondage.​ You can tie it down or tie your partner to it and explore a different kind of stimulation that can take your session to a whole new level.​

You can also use the Lion Cup for edging, which is a practice of controlling your arousal levels to reach orjasm for a longer period of time.​ This can be done by slowly edging closer and closer to climax and easing back before finally releasing in a huge wave of electrifying pleasure.​

If you want to break the routine, why not try using the Lion Cup while blindfolded? This is a practice that can heighten your senses and take you to an entirely different level of pleasure.​ And for a more intense experience, you can try adding some temperature play into the mix – using luke warm or cold lubricants to add to the stimulation.​

To summarise, the Lion Cup is a great tool to experience different kinds of pleasure.​ Whether you want to enjoy it alone or with a partner, you can always spice it up with bondage, edging, blindfolding, or temperature play.​ It’s an incredibly versatile sex toy that can offer intense stimulation so definitely give it a go!

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