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We’ve all heard of male masturbator cups but many of us have never experienced them.​ For me, it was a whole new, totally untapped world.​ I’m not afraid to admit that the idea did make me a little nervous at first.​ But I’m here to tell you, it’s OK, because male masturbator cups are an incredible experience and I’m here to take you along for the journey!

I’m sure you’ve noticed when you’re out at the store or browsing online, the variety of shapes, sizes, textures and materials are endless.​ I had no idea where to start or what I really wanted, so I decided to do some research.​ After a few hours of inquiry, I found that the AllOver™ masturbator cup seemed to be the superior in terms of sensation and durability.​

I made the decision and finally ordered one.​ When it arrived, I eagerly opened it up, excited to experience the promised pleasure and longevity of use.​ From the moment I laid my eyes on it, I knew it was a whole different realm of sexual pleasure.​ It felt so sophisticated and luxurious.​ It had multiple layers of texture that made my mouth water.​ The colors were mesmerizing.​ Man, it was like having a rainbow in my bedroom.​

I couldn’t wait to test it out and finally did one afternoon.​ I lubed up and inserted it, as the instructions said, and got lost in the sensations.​ It felt like an incredible hug.​ The soft yet firm layers seemed to rub, massage and stimulate, in all the right ways.​

Even the suction was so powerful, it was like getting a deep, penetrating massage and dildos it felt amazing.​ I’m sure many of you have felt the same euphoria when using a male masturbator cup!

Cock Rings 101: The Screaming O, Ring O, RitzThe sensation was so real and strong, I almost couldn’t believe it.​ The variety of speeds and intensities had me blowing my top.​ I switched it up and explored the different modes and textures and even experimented with temperature and it was out of this world.​ All the fantasies I’d ever had seemed to come to life as I truly let myself experience all this amazing pleasure.​

Since that experience, I’ve been a huge proponent of male masturbator cups and really believe everyone should give it a go.​ Whether you’re alone or with a partner, there are so many possibilities of enjoyment that will take your breath away.​ With the AllOver™ masturbator vibrators cup, the pleasure and experience are incomparable and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

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