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Well, I gotta say, Tennessee is sure taking the cake on new laws lately! I just heard about the new law that allows people to own sex dolls. To be honest, my jaw just dropped. When I first heard about it, I was a bit shocked.

I mean, it’s not like it’s unheard of, considering a lot of states already have similar laws in place. But Tennessee? It’s just so unexpected. Especially considering its conservative stance on most things.

So, here’s what I know. Sex dolls are now legal in Tennessee for people 18 and older and can be used for certain sexual activities – as long as no one else is present. So essentially, you can buy a sex doll and use it as long as it’s between two consenting adults.

To be honest, I’m still trying to wrap my head around it. I mean, not that I personally have any interest in purchasing a sex doll, but as far as I’m concerned, it’s a person’s right to choose how they use technology.

Plus, it seems more than a few people are on board with the decision from what I’m hearing. People have cited extreme cases in which a sex doll would be beneficial, such as helping someone with a disability enjoy physical intimacy.

It’s also better for the environment since you don’t need to worry about disposing of condoms and other materials that are used for vibrators intimacy. Plus, if couples can use sex dolls to help spice up their relationships, why shouldn’t they be allowed?

But, at the same time, I can definitely understand why people would be reticent about the idea of using a sex doll in general. It’s definitely a conversation I’d love to have with people at some point.

The market for sex dolls isn’t new in Tennessee either. In fact, you can already find countless sites and companies selling dolls. So, if you’re curious about what kind of sex dolls are out there, do some research and compare some different models.

I mean, there’s no reason sex dolls shouldn’t be available to those who want them. It’s up to you to decide whether a sex doll is actually something you’re interested in. Obviously, it’s not for everyone, but the option is there if you want it.

And Penis Rings the other thing I find interesting is how expensive sex dolls can be. For some people, the cost is prohibitive. For those who might be on a limited income, they might not be able to afford purchasing a doll.

So, what do you think of the new laws? I’m still trying to take it all in, but it definitely has some strong arguments from both sides of the aisle. I’m open to hearing some opinions on it.

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