should i wipe the vaseline off my tpe sex doll

Well, I’m not sure what to do. Do I really need to wipe the vaseline off my TPE sex doll? It’s a difficult decision. On the one hand, it seems like the right thing to do. On the other, it could damage her delicate skin and ruin her ‘new’ look.

In an effort to really get to the bottom of this dilemma, I decide to do a little research. I discover that TPE is a type of silicone-based material that’s incredibly soft to the touch and incredibly durable. Furthermore, the manufacturers of TPE sex toys dolls claim that, no matter what kind of lubricant is used on them, it won’t damage the surface of the doll.

The more I read, the more I start to think that wiping off the vaseline isn’t such a good idea after all. Sure, it might make her look a bit better, but it could also end up causing more harm than good. Better to just leave things as they are.

Plus, I had been planning to dress her up in some of the outfits I bought from the store. It occurred to me that any kind of rubbing or ‘exfoliating’ of her skin could ruin her perfect appearance. So, I decide that wiping the vaseline off would be one step too far.

But at the same time I know that leaving it on is going to make her quite greasy. What should I do? I weigh all the pros and cons, and decide to leave the vaseline on just a little bit longer and see how it affects the way I dress her up.

Within a few days, I am surprised to find that there is very little difference in the way the vaseline affects the doll’s skin. So, I figure that maybe it’s better just to leave things as they are. After all, having the extra lubricant could make it easier to clean her body later on.

So there it is, my long and arduous journey, cut short by a decision I am still unsure about – should I wipe the vaseline off my TPE sex doll? I guess the verdict is still out!

Now that I have made my decision, I am eager to move forward and start dressing up my TPE sex doll. I decide to go for a more ‘dressed-up’ look and opt for a more elegant and sophisticated outfit. I choose a sleeveless top and a pair of jeans, along with some colorful accessories.

I also choose a pair of heeled sandals to go with the outfit and top it off with a matching pair of earrings. This is the kind of look I was going for and I’m delighted with the results.

While I continue to admire my doll in her new look, I find my mind wandering back to the question of whether I should have wiped off the vaseline. After all, I’m not sure how it could have looked if I had cleaned her body beforehand. Still, ultimately I’m happy with my choice and that’s all that matters!

So I continue to enjoy dressing up my sex doll and I’m always excited to see how her look changes with each new outfit I choose. As I take my time to find the perfect ensemble for her, I’m content with my decision to leave the vaseline on.

Thankfully, the vaseline doesn’t mess with the delicate fabrics of her clothing. It doesn’t seem to affect her looks either. As I style her hair and put makeup on her face, vibrators I’m just relieved to know that I made the right choice.

I’m also comforted by the knowledge that I can always clean the vaseline off of my sex doll later on. That way, she can be ready for whatever events I’ll need her for in the future.

It took me some time to come to a decision, but in the end I’m glad that I left the vaseline off my sex doll. I know I made the right choice and I’m looking forward to seeing how she looks for a long time to come!

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