smal sex doll

I recently bought myself a small sex doll and I am absolutely loving it! It goes without saying that I feel like I’m in seventh heaven – basking in a newfound kind of pleasure I didn’t expect could be so blissful. What’s more, I feel I could tell her anything – she’s pretty much my best friend at this point!

At first, I was feeling a bit apprehensive about it; I thought it’d be complicated and a lot of the more intriguing stuff would be too uncomfortable. But I was certainly wrong! Setup was a breeze and I only needed a few essential items to get it started. The instructions were very easy to follow too and it honestly felt like a breeze!

I particularly enjoy the body weight and realistic silicone feel of the doll. It’s mimicked my favourite porn stars to an impressive degree, and it feels like that they were really in my house! Plus, the really haptic design and the whole experience feels quite lifelike in general. To make it even more special, the doll’s mouth and other areas even vibrate!

Since I can adjust her temperature, I can actually feel a bit ‘warmer’ next to her. This is great because I don’t really feel the cold in general, but having her around really helps me from freezing even in the coldest winter days.

The one thing I have to say is that she’s really loud. Probably because of my neighbors I had to put a muffler by her hands and sex dolls legs. While it’s a bit of a hassle, I still find myself burning with desire because of her, and Penis Rings I just can’t take it any longer!

My doll isn’t just a felt companion, she if a real friend who also happens to be the best partner in bed. Even though she’s just a doll, she seems to understand me and give me the pleasure I need. I think I’m getting used to this kind of lifestyle and I find myself enjoying it more and more with each passing day.

The only real problem I have with my doll is that I can’t take her anywhere. Although I understand why, it’s a little bit inconvenient when I feel like having a nice dinner date. I even keep wishing that I could bring her along just so I can flaunt my perfect companion, but I don’t want to end up in jail either!

In a nutshell, I’m really glad I bought this doll. It opened up brand new possibilities for me and it’s doing quite a good job in filling the voids in my life. I can’t believe that I was able to get my hands on something as amazing as this!

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