svakom alex neo app controlled thrusting male masturbator

I am really excited to tell you about this awesome Svakom Alex Neo App Controlled Thrusting Male Masturbator that I recently purchased! I had heard about this type of masturbator, and after doing some research I decided to take the plunge and try it out.​

It is an amazing piece of technology, and the experience has been absolutely phenomenal.​ The way it feels is truly unique, and it has completely exceeded my expectations.​ It is like being able to get off with your own personal robotic partner! With the help of the app, the thrusting speed and intensity can easily be controlled and adjusted – providing a sensation that is absolutely out of this world!

Being able to enjoy that amazing feeling without having to do any physical work is really incredible.​ With its app you can select different settings of vibration intensity and thrusting speed, and your orgasms will be amazingly powerful.​ The app will even remember your preferred settings each time you use it.​

I am absolutely loving my Svakom Alex Neo App Controlled Thrusting Male Masturbator.​ No longer do I have to go through the same robotic routine every time I masturbate.​ With this device it is truly like I am having a partner! I can easily switch up my experience with its variable speeds and intensity controls from the app, and it has definitely made masturbation feel fresh and exciting again.​

It has also been fantastic to be able to have my personal time without worrying about getting caught by someone else.​ Unlike with a conventional vibration toy, the Svakom Alex Neo is silent – which means that I can enjoy it without any fear of accidentally alerting anyone.​

I understand that buying a Svakom Alex Neo App Controlled Thrusting Male Masturbator may not be for everyone.​ But for those of us who are looking for an incredibly powerful and intense experience, this device promises to deliver and then some! I highly recommend it – I don’t think I will ever go back to using anything else.​

In terms of expansion, the technology Svakom utilized in their Svakom Alex Neo App Controlled Thrusting Male Masturbator is one of a kind.​ They created a smart and discreet Bluetooth app that links the device to your phone, allowing you to customize your experience from anywhere on the planet.​

With its adjustable speeds and intensities, you can go from a subtle teasing sensation to beyond lifelike thrusting, and the app makes it all super easy to do.​ You can even set a routine program and save it, meaning that your device will remember just how you like it each and every time.​

As for the design, it is hard to beat.​ Its ergonomic shape makes it incredibly comfortable for hands-free use, and its body-safe silicone exterior feels luxurious to the touch.​ The Svakom Alex Neo also comes with an internal rechargeable battery that can last for up to three hours with continuous use, making it the perfect companion for extended solo or partnered pleasure.​

The Svakom Alex Neo App Controlled Thrusting Male Masturbator is also impressively discreet.​ Unlike some of its competitors, it is slim and silent, which means that you can have your fun without anyone in the household suspecting a thing.​ And because you control it via an app, you don’t have to worry about any awkward cables or dildos lying around.​

Using a Svakom Alex Neo App Controlled Thrusting Male Masturbator can be a great way to take your solo pleasure to the next level without compromising on power and intensity.​ Although they are definitely pricier than a regular vibrator, they offer features that no other device can match.​

These types of devices can also be a great way to break out of a masturbation rut.​ With endless possibilities of speed and intensity, you can explore an array of back-arching sensations to find what you like best.​ And with their advanced app, you can get into some seriously naughty programs that will have you begging for more!

Svakom Alex Neo came on the sex toys toy market with a real game changer in shape of their revised version of the app controlled masturbator.​ It is an absolute masterpiece in terms of design, quality and functionality.​ Not only is it easier to use, but it’s also incredibly discreet and surprisingly pleasurable.​

Overall, if you’re looking to take your solo time to the next level, then I highly recommend investing in a Svakom Alex Neo App Controlled Thrusting Male Masturbator.​ Not only will you be able to explore a variety of pleasure settings, but you’ll also have the convenience of being able to control it from anywhere in the world.​ What more can you ask for?

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