Well, you know what they say, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” – and that applies to all sorts of things, even furniture. So, when the time came for me to make a new piece of furniture for my living room, I decided to take an entirely different route and try my hand at creating a dildo chair.

First things first, I needed to decide on what kind of materials I was going to use. After doing a bit of research I settled on some wood and foam as the main materials that I would use. I decided to add some batting to the foam for extra cushioning, and I also purchased some fabric that was going to be used for the upholstery.

The next step in my journey was actually constructing the chair. This wasn’t an easy task, as I struggled with getting the angles just right so that the chair would be comfortable to sit on. I had to keep trying different configurations until I got the right one.

Once I had the frame finished and the cushioning added, it was time to get creative with the fabric upholstery. I wanted to make sure that this was going to be a piece that really stood out and grabbed everybody’s attention, and so I decided to go with a bright, vibrant pattern for the fabric.

Once the fabric was laid, it was time to attach all the pieces together. I went about attaching the frame to the wood, and then the cushioning to the frame. As I did this, I had to be extra careful that I was doing a good job, as I didn’t want any part of the chair to come undone while I was sitting in it.

After I had everything secure, I finally began the fun part of the project – and that was to decorate the chair. I went ahead and painted the frame and added some carving accents. Then, I added some rhinestones around the edges of the upholstery and sprinkled some glitter on the back of the chair to give it some extra sparkle.

When I was finished, I had a beautiful, one-of-a-kind dildo chair that was ready to take center stage in my living room. I knew that it was going to be the conversation-starter in all my parties, and both my friends and family were in awe at my creativity.

That’s just the basics on how to make a dildo chair, but there’s more that can be done to give the piece extra personality. Using darker shades of fabric or vibrators paint can add a more sophisticated look to the chair, and adding in throw pillows with the upholstery can give it a more finished touch. Small details such as welding on metal heart accents or painting in images of figures or animals can be a great way to make a personalised feel to the final product.

Creating a dildo chair doesn’t need to be intimidating or expensive. With some basic supplies and a little bit of DIY knowledge, anyone can create a unique piece of furniture. Now it’s just a matter of letting your creative juices flow and Penis Rings creating something that would be the envy of all your friends.

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