what is safe to wash a velvet sex toy with

I have a confession to make. I recently purchased a velvet sex toy. It’s so lush and soft, and looks pretty stylish too. I’ll admit I’m quite proud of the choice that I made. When I saw it I knew it was love at first sight.

But, of course, this raises the inevitable concern – how do I clean it? It’s made of velvet, after all. That has to require extra special care, right? So the million-dollar question is: What is safe to wash a velvet sex toy with?

My research into this topic has definitely given me some reassurance when it comes to the cleaning process. I’ve heard that using warm water and a gentle antibacterial soap will do the trick. The trick is to make sure it’s diluted enough to avoid any potential harm to the toy. You can also use a soft cloth for it, like a microfiber one, and make sure there’s a thorough rinse afterwards.

From what I’ve gathered, it might also be safe to use a specialty toy cleaner spray. But, the key here is to make sure it’s formulated for use on velvet. You definitely don’t want to be using just any kind of cleaner, because it can cause damage to the soft fabric.

I’d also suggest avoiding harsh cleaning products like bleach and any other types of harsh chemicals. Velvet fabric is generally delicate and easily absorbent, so the last thing you’d want is to have a bleached out stain on your awesome new toy. That would be sad and unfortunate!

For further cleaning, I’ve found out steam sterilizers can be a great alternative. As long as it’s done properly, it could be a good option to give the toy a thorough cleaning. There’s also boiling water. It’s important not to boil the toy directly, though; boil some water and let the toy soak it it for a couple of minutes before carefully removing it and then letting it air dry.

It’s possible that some velvet sex toys may come with instruction manuals, vibrators so be sure to read those first and foremost. The instructions may specify what to use.

But all in all, vibrators I’m pretty convinced that the warm water and gentle antibacterial soap option is definitely the safest and most effective way to clean my velvet sex toy. I’m certainly gonna take that advice and happy cleaning!

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