When people hear of sex dolls, they can sometimes look at me like I have two heads. Of course, I would never go so far as to ever own one myself, but as someone who’s obsessed with the latest technological developments, the idea of sex dolls certainly captivate me.

Initially, when I heard people referring to these sex dolls as ‘companions’, I thought they were taking it a bit too far — after all, they are inanimate objects. But as I looked into it, it became clear to me that people could really craft these sex dolls to resemble humans in a creepy way.

I was also surprised to learn that the sex doll industry is actually so vast and diverse. Every doll has its own distinct features, and customers can spend a lot of money customising them to get exactly what they want — including body parts, hairstyles, makeup and even personalities. I’m almost positive that with all these possibilities, someone out there has gone a bit wild and made a doll that looks more human than anyone real!

One thing I never knew about sex dolls is the fact that people can rent them out – which sounds pretty sketchy to me, but everyone that does it has their own reasons. From what I hear, people can rent a doll for a few hours or more – and there are some ‘romantic’ packages to make it feel even more ‘real’. But, again, it’s still a doll, so I’m still not sure that I could ever do it.

One thing that I do think sex doll blogs are great for is education. They have some really interesting information about how these dolls are made, their functions, and even the stories behind some of them – some which are quite creepy. I feel like by reading these stories, people can learn more about how to interact with technology, and Penis Rings ultimately they might be a little less scared of things they don’t understand.

Another aspect of sex dolls that I found very interesting, is the fact that they can be used as a therapeutic tool. This one really blows me away. People with a variety of mental health conditions can use sex dolls to help ease some of their symptoms. For example, someone with anxiety may feel more comfortable confiding in a doll because it won’t judge them. Of course, sex dolls should never replace traditional therapy, but I think it’s fascinating that these dolls can help people in such a unique way.

Something else I love learning about through sex doll blogs is all the possibilities and adventures that these dolls can experience. Some people even use them to explore different parts of the world! Seeing what kinds of events, places and experiences these dolls can have is so interesting and has definitely opened my eyes to the potential of these dolls.

The final thing I want to bring to the conversation is the ethics of sex dolls. On one hand, it’s hard to argue that these dolls can bring a lot of pleasure and new experiences to people’s lives, but on the other, it’s impossible to ignore the fact that ultimately they provide an artificial and often unethical form of pleasure. Everyone needs to form their own opinion on the matter, but personally, if it ever became normalized in society, I would feel strange and uncomfortable about it.

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