where can you try silicone sex doll

Wow, I’m so excited – where can I try out a silicone sex doll? I have been intrigued by this topic for a while now, and I’m ready to finally see what life is like with one. I heard they are quite realistic, and it’ll be a great way to explore a new realm of pleasure.

Firstly, I’m looking into Sex Doll Romance, which is an online retailer that specialises in superior quality silicone sex dolls. Their sales team’s expertise and knowledgeable advice will help me get the perfect doll that fits my needs. Not only that, but they offer two different lines of dolls – TPE dolls that are life-sized and sophisticated, and mini sex toys that are ideal for discreet pleasure.

The Adult Treasure Shop has also caught my attention. From what I hear, this store has some of the freshest and most advanced silicone sex dolls on the market. The dolls are built using the most cutting-edge technologies, providing for unmatched realism. They boast an extensive range of sex dolls, giving me plenty of options to explore.

Going local is also a great option for me, since I’m based in Australia. Discovery Sex Toys is an online store that offers a wide selection of silicone sex dolls in Australia. They have a team of experts that has extensive experience in the adult toy industry, so I can take advantage of their helpful advice if I have any further questions.

Silicon Wives is worth looking at as well. As they only offer premium silicone sex dolls, I know that I’ll be getting a top-of-the-line product. Additionally, the store offers accompanying accessories that I can use to customize my doll and make the experience even more enjoyable.

The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to silicone sex dolls! Knowing my options, I’m ready to make my choice and take the plunge into this exciting new world.

Since I know I will be going all in, I am taking my time to research each store and their offerings. Reading through the reviews of people who have already tried the products will give me an insider’s view to the silicone sex doll experience. With that, I will be able to make an informed decision about which doll will suit my needs best.

I also want to make sure that the doll will be delivered safely and undamaged, so researching safe packaging techniques as well as shipping sites like DHL is a must. This way, I know that my doll will arrive in perfect condition, ready for me to enjoy!

My friends have suggested websites such as SexDollPlanet, Adult Luxury and DollsClub too – all of them carry a wide range of sex dolls of different shapes, sizes and styles. I’m excited to see the options they have in store!

Apart from that, I’m considering checking out the different styles of material available. From what I know, nylon and lycra are both popular and dildos stretchy, while latex and PVC are closer to conventional clothing. Whichever one I choose, I want to make sure that I’m equipped with the best materials.

Finally, when it comes to trying out a silicone sex doll, safety first is an important mantra to keep in mind. Finding out about the safety features of dolls such as those offered by the Japanese KanojoToys company is an essential step in my research. After that, all that’s left for me to do is make a decision and take the plunge – let the exploration of the silicone sex doll experience begin!

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