where to hid sex toy

My friend, where to hide a sex dolls toy? You know the awkwardness that comes with leaving a vibrator lying around when someone unexpected drops by! It’s embarrassing! A friend of mine swears by hiding her sex toys in the pouch of her hoodie in the closet, but I personally think that won’t remain hidden for vibrators long.

I have had some experience in this tricky issue and can tell you all about it. For starters, my first instinct is to bury it deep in the back of my underwear drawer – just make sure that whatever you stuff it in is discrete if you choose this option. Plus, you don’t want to take any chances.

But this isn’t fool-proof. So I’d suggest getting creative and hiding it in super sneaky places. For instance, why not try hiding your toy in toy boxes with the other toys – no one will know the difference! Or you can stash it in a forever neglected shoe box (you might even have a pair or two you haven’t worn in months). Then there’s always the trust old standby: the bathroom! Tuck it in a corner near your cleaning supplies or even put it in a plastic bag and place it in your toilet bowl – as long as you remember where you left it!

If you’re still stumped, why not look for more obvious hiding places? If you have a bookshelf – you could slip it between books. Or if you’re crafty, you can even make your own secret hideout! Buy something small that doubles as a storage box, like a nightstand, or a piece of furniture with drawers. Place it in an area you don’t visit often and no one will see it!

The last thing to keep in mind is the power of accessories. When all else fails, why not disguise it as a piece of your outfit? People don’t usually ask questions about the things you carry on an everyday basis, right? This way, you won’t have to worry about someone coming over and finding it. And if they do happen to come by, you can simply slip it in your pocket and you’re done!

Yet another option is keep it in the freezer. Make sure it’s well wrapped, as you don’t want the taste of frozen ice cream mix with your secret pleasure! Definitely something worth considering.

The second to last idea would be the laundry basket. The key here is to pick a laundry basket that’s not in plain sight. You can also toss it among your piles of bulky blankets and pillows in the bedroom. No one ever looks there and you can hide your sex toy without any worries.

Last but not least, I’d suggest putting it in a coffee mug. Fill it up with pens, highlighters, and erasers, and your little secret is safe! You can place the cup somewhere that won’t be disturbed often, like at the top of a bookshelf, or you can just carry it around with you. Either way, it’s sure to remain hidden.

My friend, the options are endless when it comes to hiding a sex toy. So get creative with it – you’ll be glad that you did!

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