why put cornstarch on sex dolls

I bet there are more than a few people out there who are wondering why you might want to put cornstarch on a sex doll. Well, for starters, it keeps the sex doll from getting sticky and slippery. And wouldn’t you know it – after a session of bumping and grinding it can get a bit…unsanitary. Cornstarch is a natural way of keeping the dolls clean and odor free.

Plus, you get a few other benefits by adding cornstarch to your sex doll. For one, it adds some visual interest. Picture a large dusting of cornstarch being sprinkled over your sex doll – it actually looks pretty awesome. Plus it gives the doll a bit of extra cushioning, making it feel more like real skin instead of hard plastic.

But what about the sensation? Well, many who have tried it reckons that the added cornstarch makes your sex doll feel soft and squishy. That’s because it creates additional lubrication to help reduce friction and increase pleasure. Talk about a win-win!

Now, when it comes to maintenance and safety, there’s a few things you need to be aware of. First of all, you’ll need to replace the cornstarch after every session. Secondly, you should never use too much as it can clump up and stick to the skin – that’s just a mess you don’t want to clean up. Finally, be sure to use cornstarch that is designed specifically for sex dolls. It’s important that it doesn’t contain any chemicals which could be harmful.

So there you have it. Putting cornstarch on a sex doll can bring a whole new dimension to your experience – an added bit of comfort and pleasure. So why not give it a try?

Speaking of pleasure, another thing to consider is adding warming lubes to your sex doll. Warming lubes make for a more realistic and intensifying experience – much moreso than just using cornstarch. When used carefully and with moderation they can make your session far more enjoyable. Plus they’re easy to clean up afterwards. So why not give that a go too?

When it comes down to it, adding either cornstarch or a warming lube (or both) can help make your sex doll experience more satisfying. Of course, the decision is ultimately up to you and your partner. But with just a bit of effort and some clever marketing, you might be well on your way to having the best night ever.

Now, let’s say you’re all kitted out in cornstarch and warming lube and ready to roll. You head off to the bedroom, and the anticipation builds. But what happens next? Well, if you’re anything like me, you’ll find yourself in a world of pure imagination – exploring all the possibilities of what can happen when you get up close and personal with your sex doll.

Think about the sensation of soft velvet skin gently caressing your own. Or perhaps the thrill of grinding and thrusting whilst the temperature of the room slowly tweaks up. What’s more, you can mix and match your cornstarch and lubes to create fresh and intense experiences every time.

You could even team up with a friend and fantasize what it could be like if three or four of you were to join in the fun. The possibilities are endless!

So, why not add a bit of cornstarch to your sex doll and turn up the enjoyment even further? Ready to see what the night has to offer? Let’s go!

Now let’s go a bit furter and talk about accessories. Having the right accessories can add a whole new layer of excitement and pleasure to your sex doll experience. You could consider adding hats, gloves, and even nursing caps. Some folks even go so far as to dress up their sex dolls as characters from movies and TV, or as aliens from distant galaxies. You could even get creative and use everyday objects like handbags and wallets to bring a bit of extra spice to your dolls. It’s for sure to be an experience you and your partner won’t soon forget.

There’s more out there to see and explore, too. You can try adding unique textures to your sex doll with different fabrics and materials. You can find everything from soft leather to smooth velvet, to silky satin and various types of lace. You could even get creative and add some body glitter to give your doll some sparkle and extra pizzazz.

Another thing to consider is aromas. A scent can really go a long way in creating an immersive and dynamic atmosphere of joy and ecstasy. Thankfully, this isn’t as hard to pull off as it might sound. There’s a wide range of scented oils, perfumes, and health cosmetics designed specifically for sex dolls. With just a dab or spritz here and there, you’ll be taken to a whole new world of tantalizing and soothing fragrances.

And finally, why not add some accessories to create an even more realistic experience? There’s all kinds of items out there, these days, from anatomically correct parts to customizable parts to help you get the doll in the exact position you want. All of these are designed to add to the pleasure and help you achieve a truly fulfilling experience.

So there you have it. With just a few clever additions to your sex doll, you could be on your way to a night of passion and pleasure. What are you waiting for? Hop to it and have some fun – your sex doll will thank you for it!

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