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Sex dolls have been around since the 18th century, and I’ve always been curious about why they were invented. After some research, I learned that there are several reasons why sex dolls were invented and some of them are quite surprising!

First of all, sex dolls were actually used for companionship and therapeutic purposes. Back in the day when society was much more conservative and family networks were smaller, people felt more isolated and lonely. Dolls were used as friends and confidantes, and for some, they even provided a sense of emotional fulfilment.

Another reason sex dolls were invented was for educational purposes. Before the internet and widely available sex education classes in schools, there was a huge gap in traditional sex education offerings. Sex dolls were used to show people the physical attributes of different genitals and sex toys how to explore each other safely.

Thirdly, sex dolls were (and still are) used in the porn industry. Pornography enables people to explore different sexual desires, but it’s also illegal in some areas. As far back as the 1940s, sex dolls were used to act out sexual scenes without actually having to involve people.

Finally, sex dolls were also invented because of sexual limitations. Before the development of modern medicine, people with handicaps, disabilities or certain types of diseases often couldn’t have sex. That’s why some people bought sex dolls – to satisfy their sexual desires without facing the risks associated with having sexual contact with another person.

Nowadays, sex dolls have become a popular toy and collectors’ item. They come with a range of accessories – some of which can even be programmed to respond to human touch and talk. They’re no longer seen as creepy or weird, but they do still maintain their therapeutic, educational and sexual attributes.

I think it’s amazing how the sex doll industry has evolved over the years. We’ve come a long way from the very basic, handcrafted dolls of the 18th century to the realistic, advanced dolls of today. It’s a reminder that technology can be used for a lot more than just entertainment – and sex dolls are a great example of this.

For those interested in exploring the topic more, there are various books and documentaries that discuss the history and evolution of sex dolls. Some even explore the use of sex dolls as a form of alternative relationship or sexual therapy.

I find the topic of sex dolls to be fascinating. While some people still find them creepy or strange, I think it’s important to remember why they were invented in the first place: to provide companionship, education and sexual satisfaction – which for some still remains the case today.

Going further into why sex doll were invented in another 4 sections, one aspect to consider would be the societal perspective. These days, it is not frowned upon for someone to explore their sexuality with a sex doll, but it wasn’t always like that. Sex was a taboo topic for a long time, so it makes sense that sex dolls were invented as a way to bridging the gap between exploration and acceptance.

Another area to consider is the medical aspect. Not everyone has the capability of achieving sexual satisfactions, and it was during a time when medical science wasn’t as developed, that sex dolls were invented as a solution to this problem. This allowed people with certain disabilities or conditions the opportunity to enjoy a fulfilling sex life, in a safe and comfortable way.

The psychological perspective is also a factor. Back in the day, it wasn’t so easy to simply jump online and find another person to explore one’s sexuality with. People craved a sense of companionship, or someone to confide in, and sex dolls filled this void. A lot of people found comfort in the company of a sex doll, as they served the purpose of being a non-judgmental friend and confidante during emotional moments.

Finally, it is important to recognize that sex dolls were also a result of invention and innovation. Simple handcrafted dolls have evolved a great deal over the years. Today’s dolls come with a range of features that allow people to experience more than just physical pleasure. They are now created with the intention of celebrating and exploring human sexuality in an enjoyable and safe way.

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