will amazon sex toys come in plain packages

It seems like Amazon is making a move into the sex toy industry, but what could this mean for how the products are packaged? I can only speculate – and that’s making me wonder, will Amazon sex toys come in plain packages?

One thing that comes to my mind is that it’s so much easier to purchase something you may be embarrassed about in the privacy of your own home, rather than out in public. And it’s not just the website that makes it so private, the packaging could be a game-changer as well. I’m expecting things like discreet packaging, no logos, no superfluous information, and things like plastic sleeves or sex dolls boxes sealed all the way around so nothing inside can be seen with the naked eye.

The good news is, Amazon is the king when it comes to packaging and ensuring it arrives undamaged. I’m deciding that whatever the solution is, I do expect it to be well thought out and reliable – that is Amazon’s trademark after all. So if Amazon is providing the packaging and service, we are sure to enjoy a unique and improved experience when it comes to buying our sex toys.

That being said, I can’t help but worry about those awkward moments when the delivery person approaches your door vibrators with your package! Depending on how many neighbours you’ve got, and how nosy their nature is, you might want to make sure your sex toys arrive anonymously and get delivered to a completely different address – like a grocery store or a friends house. I know I’ll certainly be utilising this option!

Another potential worry is that the packaging might be too plain making the products embarrassing to keep. Although I know Amazon states that the packaging could be “discreet”, would you really feel secure if your product came in a plain brown box? I’m hoping that we will have an option to customise and select our own packaging design, or at least an option for themed packaging.

And how about when it comes to sending sex toys as gifts? Well, I’m hopeful that there’ll be special gift packaging that is more attractive and funny design and not just plain brown box – who wants to give a gift that looks like it’s stolen straight from someone else’s house?

Well, overall, it seems like Amazon has some bold ambitions when it comes to sex toys. I really hope that they will be careful to provide adequate packaging that not only makes sense for transportation and delivery, but also for the users. I’m sure with some careful consideration and forethought, Amazon will have an effective solution that customers can trust and rely upon….

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